Jack Facer

Jack is the head coach and co-owner of CrossFit First Light. Jack was born in England, but moved to New Zealand when he was 12.

He has played multiple sports his whole life, with rugby being his main focus. In 2012, while studying for his Exercise Prescription and Leadership Diploma in Dunedin, he did a placement in a CrossFit gym and instantly loved it.

Jack knew CrossFit was for him, so after finishing up at Otago Polytechnic he got his CrossFit Level 1 and has been coaching ever since. He loves CrossFit, because he truly believes that it has something positive to offer everyone, no matter what their goals are in health and life.

Jacks other hobbies include drinking coffee (if he isn’t at the gym, you will probably find him at Maina),  he loves animals, spending time with his better half Catrina, and of course all things CrossFit – which has become his main passion, work and life.

Catrina Del Rosario

Catrina is a registered nurse, is currently studying for her masters, and co-owner of CrossFit First Light. Catrina was born in the Philippines, but moved to New Zealand when she was 5 years old and grew up in Hawkes Bay.

Throughout her school years, Catrina’s main sport was soccer. However once she started university, she struggled to find the time to play as much sport amongst study – and this is when she found CrossFit. She loved the constant challenge of CrossFit, as well as the community that CrossFit brings.

CrossFit aligns perfectly with her beliefs and philosophies in terms of health. She strongly believes that the lifestyle CrossFit creates, improves all areas of your life. Catrina has a passion to drive CrossFit First Light into a place of holistic health, that welcomes people from all walks of life to achieve optimal health and exceed their fitness goals.

Hayley Becker

Born and bred in Hawkes Bay, sport and fitness was always a huge part of Hayley’s life. Having a very active childhood and dabbling in most sports, she found her calling in Badminton, which took her all over Australasia throughout her school years.

A career in fitness became an obvious choice for Hayley, and she completed her studies in Sydney Australia to become a personal trainer. When she first stumbled across a small CrossFit gym, she was intrigued about this style of training and loved it. When Hayley left Sydney, she travelled the world for the next 3 years and experienced many different CrossFit gyms in different countries during this time. Hayley knew she wanted to know more about this method of training, and completed her CrossFit Level 1 while residing in Miami, Florida.

After 6 years abroad, Hayley is now happily residing back in the sunny Hawkes Bay with her husband Karl and is proud to be a part owner of CrossFit First Light. Together with Karl, they have a fur baby, a real baby on the way, and both absolutely love being a part of the First Light family.

Colin Barriff

Colin is also from the UK, and moved to New Zealand 15 years ago. He has been living in Hawkes Bay since 2010.

Colin was first introduced to CrossFit, by doing his very first workout called ‘Fran’. The following 17minutes left him questioning his decision to be there. But he was also inspired by this whole new method of training, and wanted to get fitter.

Since then, (and with a much improved ‘Fran’ time), Colin has completed his CrossFit Level 1 Certification and now enjoys coaching just as much as training.

Alongside the positive impact CrossFit has had on Colin’s health and wellbeing, it has also opened up a whole community of likeminded people that Colin, his partner Angela, and their family  love being a part of.

Andy Curran

Andy grew up in Onga Onga, then studied in Dunedin completing a Bachelor of Physical Education and a Bachelor of Consumer and Applied Science.

She now lives in Havelock North with her husband and two children, whom also love their sports and most weekends you will find them either water skiing or mountain biking. During the week she works at Peak Fitness as a Personal Trainer.

Andy has competed in various sports such as adventure races, triathlons, water ski racing, go kart racing, marathons, biking, kayaking, swimming and multi sport events. She wishes she had found CrossFit earlier to assist with these!

She competed in the CrossFit Open and Regionals in 2014,  and achieved 3rd in Australasia and 35th in the world ranking. She tells us she doesn’t actually like competitions, so now does all the above for fun!

She loves the concept of CrossFit for reasons such as mobility, strength, and fitness. But mostly because of the people you meet and are surrounded by.

Tama Cooper

Tama returned home to Havelock North after spending the past 15 years living, working and learning in Australia. He has been involved in the fitness industry for most of his life and has also worked in Corrections for the past 10 years.

After his first WOD, like many of us, he was hooked on CrossFit. The training and the community sucked him in to new way of living and gave him a new perspective on what health and wellbeing is. CrossFit for Tama has allowed him to meet awesome, like-minded friends that would slam barbells during the day and then enjoy a few craft beers in the night.

Tama’s love of movement and lifting heavy led him to completing Crossfit Level 2 Certification, Australian Weightlifting Federation, Level 1 Sports Power Coach (Weightlifting), he holds Certificate III and IV in Personal Training and is a qualified Massage Therapist. He is currently studying Kawa Oranga (Batchelor Health Promotion, Sport and Exercise Sciences).

One of the main attractions to CrossFit for Tama was the addition of mobility, movement prep and self management to get out of pain. Movement quality over quantity has kept Tama searching for ways to improve his training and his coaching skills.

Competitively, Tama was part of the IWCF team at regionals in 2014 alongside his wife and will be forever grateful for having that opportunity to be out on floor with her. He has also competed in a non-sanctioned Weightlifting meets, placing first in his category.

Tama really enjoys lifting heavy things and prefers not to run. He is your 2018 Mr Waimatama and he geeks out about coffee way to much.

Emily Cooper

Emily relocated from Sydney to Hawkes Bay in January 2018. She lives with her husband Tama and 2 boys.

Her love of competitive sports saw her search for something new in 2012. She was finding that pump class and solo weight sessions just weren’t cutting it. She found CrossFit and never looked back.

Since 2012, Emily has used the CrossFit training system and methodology to form the basis of her own training and nutrition and that of her clients in Sydney. She has competed at the Pacific Regional level of the Crossfit Games on two separate occasions.

Emily has been coaching Crossfit since 2014 and holds the Level 2 Crossfit Trainer Certification. She is a qualified personal trainer having obtained Certificate III and IV in Personal Training and is always searching for new opportunities to learn and grow as a coach. Her passion for improving movement patterns in her clients has resulted in her receiving certifications; StrongFit Principals of Movement and Running Lab’s StrongFeet.

Emily is also a full-time primary school teacher (working at the local primary school) and has a passion for children’s health, wellbeing and nutrition. She is part way through her Masters Degree in Educational Leadership.

Emily’s spare time is for her boys, watching rugby, eating burgers, reading books and drinking coffee.

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