The beginners class is for those who are new to crossfit and it is suitable for all fitness levels. The beginners class consists of 7 classes. The class is taught by a crossfit coach who will take you through the fundamental movements of crossfit which include:

1) air squat
2) front squat
3) overhead squat

4) shoulder press
5) push press
6) push jerk

7) deadlift
8) sumo deadlift high pull
9) medicine ball clean

As well as these the coach will go through other basic movements such as kettlebell skills, Olympic lifting movements and gymnastic movements.

Each on-ramp will be set out as follows

  • warm up/mobility
  • learning fundamental movement/s (squat, press, pull series) KB movements and basic gymnastics
  • A brief of the WOD (workout of the day) with scaling options
  • WOD
  • Light stretches/mobility with a debrief and Q and A

The 7th and last class for beginners will focus mainly on goal setting for each new member, we will go through nutrition as well as learning maintenance skills of stretching, mobilizing, using a foam roller and using a lacrosse ball etc.

This class is important as the new member progresses and starts to attend crossfit classes. It will ensure that each member has a goal and a plan to achieve their health and fitness aspirations. It teaches the new members the importance of nutrition to supplement exercise and how body maintenance (stretching, mobilizing, foam rolling, lacrosse ball) is used to prevent injuries and improve mobility.

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